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Methods For Clearing Blocked Drains London

Methods For Clearing Blocked Drains London

Waking up to a blocked drain is every homeowner’s nightmare. You always end up staring at the offensive blockage wondering if it would be worth tackling the messy situation yourself or calling in an expert. Confronting a blocked drain yourself can end in disaster and as such, this company has devised multiple methods for checking and potentially fixing your blocked drains London without causing additional damage.

Tackling the blocked drain yourself needs to be handled with care to avoid any unnecessary and additional damage occurring to your drains. With the recession and inflation of commodities, this company understands that finding the extra money has become difficult at the best of times. As such, this company had developed a beginner’s guide to clearing minor blockages safely.

First things first, you need to get yourself a pair of gloves because this is most likely going to be messy and smelly. The gloves not only stop you from touching the disgusting blockage, but they will also protect you from getting any infections. Your health and safety are crucial when handling garden waste and/or general trash.

After acquiring the essential protection you will need to check the drain for an accumulation of leaves or garden debris to see if they are merely blocking the flow of water. If not, then you will need to lift up the drain to check for the build-up of waste.

If there’s no obvious blockage, the best thing to do is to buy some drain rods – don’t lean over or insert your hands into the drain. The trick here is not to let the drain rod slip down the drain, sometimes they can unscrew themselves quite easily, so be aware of this and keep your eye on it.

Drain rods can be tricky to use, but they can be effective on small blockages and are most suited to dealing with garden waste. When feeling gentle resistance against the drain rods, manipulate them so as to loosen debris. After this has been done, flush as much water as you can through the system and you may be able to clear the problem.

If you have tried all the alternatives than calling in a professional can save you time. A team of highly trained engineers is qualified to fix any plumbing problem, including London drains blocked. This company has an array of specialist equipment that their fully trained technicians can use to fix your drainage problem. Get in touch with this company today for a reliable and quality service.